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We are an immersive & promotional event marketing agency specializing in holographic projection.​

Our company HOLO VISION is the benchmark for high definition holographic advertising displays in Canada for your brand.

Specialists in 3D marketing, we improve the visibility of your brand in your points of sale and your events by offering an innovative, impactful and efficient solution through holograms.

The immersive experience with 3D advertising and ultra-dynamic holograms from HOLO VISION puts your customer/visitor at the heart of the action! This is why this new immersive and interactive content makes it possible to conquer new targets while having a strong commitment! 

Our goal is to attract new customers, set you apart from the competition and make your communication or event a unique experience.

Deliver a next level visual experience. 


Our mission is to strengthen your brand.  Traditional display advertising has lost its power: posters are drowned in the mass, they no longer manage to capture attention.  

Holo Vision's solution will allow your customers to see your range of products and services in a whole new dimension and thus awaken their passion! 

Notre immersion  i nnovatrice est  idéal pour  les centres commerciaux, concessionnaires  automobiles, vitrines de magasins, restaurants, bars, casinos also during trade fairs and other events to provide an immersive experience for visitors. 



We provide you with a next-level viewing experience. Our multidisciplinary team will meet your aspirations by offering you suitable solutions. Evolving in a demanding environment, our purpose is to provide you with a service that meets your expectations and more.

Creative, passionate, modern and professional, our team puts its expertise and skills at your disposal to develop your projects and support you in the world of 3D reality. 

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