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HV-85 36"

3D creation of your logo for FREE

Technical support

Rental service*





+ tax


Designed for professional use

Vibrant HD images. Designed to grab attention and drive traffic in well-lit trade shows and retail environments.


Turn your logo into a hologram
Get the perfect hologram of your logo or product whatever your business need or budget.

Any request to create a personalized 3D visual (logo, product, etc.) requires a minimum of 14 days. Please contact our representative via

install: wall mounted, floor mounted,


resolution: 512*512p


screen size: 30cm

color: black

power consumption: 12V

power: 28w

lifetime: continuously more than 30000 hours

multi-screen mode: lhas the ability to connect devices to create a bigger picture

brightness: 1600 cd/m2

* Rental serviceevent, fair, exhibition, etc.

(1 day / 1 week) from $449.99 / day

*Yearly rental: Stores, banks, car dealerships, etc. (12 months / 24 months) from $349.99/month

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